How Silicon Valley stops Innovation

Silicon Valley promotes their amazing ability to build innovative products and services that change the world. The reality is that this is for the most part a lie.

The most “innovative” companies have actually done very simple things that for the most part aren’t very special. This isn’t usually fault of the founders, rather, the ignorant “investment” community whose real purpose is to hold back amazing people.

Uber should’ve released self-driving cars in 2012. Google Fiber should’ve been in the USA everywhere by 2010 and global by 2011. Apple’s products are absolutely trash considering the amount of bugs they have, yet they have “all the money in the world” for development. This isn’t the fault of Travis Kalanick (he’s a fucking smart person, and people that call him arrogant are jealous) or every team member at Fiber. It’s more the lack of imagination and creativity (along with jealousy) that many “wealthy” individuals have regarding the future.

I’ve found that in Silicon Valley, you will develop an up and coming world-changing technology (or have a full idea and plan for it), and jealous investors will take control of the company and screw it over (this is just one example). There is so much fraud with products (MagicQueef being one of them) and the announcements made in general. Snapchat is a joke that I will not even bother discussing.

God forbid an actual self-made teen (as I was) comes along and tries to make a name for himself. Almost INSTANTLY I was ousted by frauds such as Vinod Khosla (who is an ignorant, broke, and sad person) whose life depends on his false billionaire title.

Tesla cars are made in China, their mileage is about 1/3 of what is advertised (sorry unless you drive like an ignorant Tesla driver), and you’re not saving the world by driving the car. I’ve lived in China and there’s nothing wrong with having cars made in China, but you can’t make it such a selling point (I know that “made in USA” is not the main reason people buy Teslas).

I’ve found the general rule of thumb to be that Silicon Valley will do nothing but hold you back from actually releasing your world-changing technology. The ignorant VC community (or even employees of their corporations) will talk about how expensive it will be to develop a new technology. They’re either lying, or they’re just ignorant (which is unfortunate, although I have no patience for ignorance).

Beyond that, there is the basic level fraud from organizations such as Startup Grind, which is largely filled with aspiring sanitation engineers. Basically you will run into a circle of crap events with toolbag “founders” that have nothing but crap advice. I’ve spoken at one of their events, am I a tool now? 🙂

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